**Childcare provided during the 9:30am Class Monday-Friday 


Free Introductory Workout – Want to see what CrossFit Takeover is all about? Shoot Coach Andy or Coach Ryan an email and they will get you set up for a free Intro Workout any time throughout the week. This class gives new members a chance to meet some of the coaches and athletes, tour CrossFit TakeOver and get a chance to try a CrossFit Workout before making the commitment of joining. To schedule an intro send an email to andy@crossfittakeover.com or ryan@crossfittakeover.com or go the home page and use the email option.

On-Ramp Course – We require all new CrossFit athletes attend our six session On-Ramp Course where you will learn primary movements that fundamental to CrossFit programming. Class times are spent reviewing the movements learned during the previous class, followed by instruction of new fundamental movements. Following a short workout to use what you have learned, we will have a short discussion about  CrossFit methodology. Throughout the six sessions the exercise intensity will progress as you ramp up into the faster paced Daily WOD Classes. This course cycles every two weeks and athletes are free to join the class anytime. We offer this class in the mornings and evenings to help facilitate various schedules. Private On-Ramp coaching is available for special circumstances.

Daily WOD – These traditional CrossFit classes are open to everyone who has completed our On-Ramp course or for athletes coming to CrossFit TakeOver with prior CrossFit experience. The class includes a skill based warm-up, skill or strength work, group instruction, the Workout of the Day (WOD) and additional mobility work. All portions of the Daily WOD class is guided by a dedicated Coach who will ensure every athlete in the class is utilizing proper technique and load.

Strength Class – This is a strength-focused class that can be utilized in addition to our Daily WOD or as a stand-alone weightlifting program. Athletes will learn the basics of weightlifting and develop a solid strength base with the Basic program. The Basic program features a linear progression model focusing on the back squat, deadlift, strict press and bench press. More experienced athletes that want to take their strength to the next level have the Intermediate program option. The Intermediate program mixes various lifts and volumes to maximize an athlete’s ability to increase their overall strength.

Endurance Class – This class is geared toward improving performance for endurance sports by eliminating the unnecessary volume of traditional endurance training and increasing the intensity of workouts. This class focuses on learning proper running and rowing mechanics and adding sport specific weightlifting. By attending our Endurance Class an athlete will build speed and power, increase his or her anaerobic threshold while decreasing recovery time and reducing chance for injury.

Teen Class – The teen class is open to any youth between the ages of 12 and 17. Every class includes a group warm-up, skill based instruction, a short WOD and time for discussion about how these transfer to their lives. This class is perfect for any teen that is looking to improve skills related to their specific sport or for those who need a fun athletic outlet. All classes are structured to give the youth athlete progressive training in strength and conditioning and an increase in self-esteem and confidence.

TakeOver Yoga – Is designed to stretch, restore and mobilize your body for continued CrossFit or sports performance. Each class follows intelligent sequencing to help increase your flexibility, balance, focus, breath rhythm and positional strength. This class is not only fun but will help all athletes perform better, reduce risk for injury and help reduce muscle soreness.

Open Gym – This is self-directed time for athletes to work on lifts, skills or to make up a Daily WOD. A coach is on-hand to help with advice. However, if you are new to CrossFit we strongly recommend attending the Daily WOD classes whenever possible.

Sport – TakeOver Sport is for athletes interested in the sport of CrossFit. The training sessions run concurrent with the daily WODs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. The program focuses on development of strength, barbell cycling, conditioning and gymnastic movements commonly found in competitions. Sessions are designed to be done prior to the Daily WOD.

Team Strength & Conditioning Program – CrossFit TakeOver Coaches have trained multiple high-school aged athletic teams. Classes involve sport specific strength training, power and speed drills, and team building conditioning sessions. Team coaching pricing varies with the number of athletes and sessions. For more information please contact Coach Andy or Coach Ryan.

Private Coaching – An effective way to achieve your individual fitness goals is by working one on one with the Coach of your choice. Your chosen Coach will help you identify and clarify your fitness goals, design a program specifically aimed at achieving these goals and further developing you as an athlete. Private coaching is great if you are training for a specific event, have significant limitations or just want to target your weaknesses. If you interested in setting up Private Coaching sessions please contact Coach Ryan or Coach Andy.

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